Barbary Dove

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New York, United States

Posted Mar 16, 2013

Birdie is our ring neck dove. He is the most wonderful pet bird I've ever owned. They make beautiful cooing sounds all the time an "laugh". They love to fly against the wind of fans and be in the middle of everything that's going on.

They never bite and do need song bird food because of their beak. They do like to be social. They love to fly (and are good at it). They can be and are very messy with their bird seed. You will have to sweep up bird seed about 3xs a day or get a seed catcher for the cage. You also will need a few perches of different sizes or they can get arthritis in their feet easier than other birds because they can't latch on and climb up the sides of a cage. They don't have the ability due to their beak shape. In a way, they're not what most people consider a "real bird" because of this. They don't even have a "real bird" smell. Birds usually smell like bird dander or "dust". Ringneck Doves do not. They are actually kind of oily, and because of that, you will need to bathe them via a squirt bottle/sink faucet/shower at least once every 2-3 months.

All birds can get mites, fleas, and other parasites. Always be sure to stroke by their head and neck to see their skin and check for anything foreign. They are prone to skin flaking especially during molting. They do get a little more clingy when they're molting because it does itch and we can scratch it for them usually or they can rub on our furniture just like a cat. They don't attack other animals and are very happy just having their own space away from them.

Birds are prone to cold, heat, smoke, hair products, cleaners, anything else that causes fumes and cigarettes. This can harm or potentially kill your bird. It's important to cover their cage and open the windows when cleaning. Smoke outside and try to maintain a steady temperature in the home.

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