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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Posted Oct 13, 2016

If you are looking for a bird that sings beautiful songs, you will not find a better fit than the Canary. A small bird that comes in all sorts of different colors, these are still one of the most popular pet birds to own.

Right now, I have four standard canaries in all different colors; yellow, solid white, white and black and white with brown spots. Personally, my favorite is the white, as they are very beautiful and can be difficult to find. If you look around hard enough, you can even find orange and red too, which are also rare.

Canaries are very small, and are relatively easy birds to care for. They are quite content in a smaller cage, and toys for them are not expensive. Unlike parrots, canaries prefer toys like swings and mirrors rather than wooden toys that will get destroyed. If you hang a millet spray in their cage, they will be extremely happy.

One important thing to note is that if you are looking for singing canary, you will want to buy a male bird. Female birds, for the most part, are very quiet and do not sing. You will probably also want to house each canary separately unless you are breeding, since they tend to not get along with each other and prefer to have their own space.

One thing that canaries are not is cuddly. These birds are essentially wild, and they don't want to be held or played with. They are also very fragile, and you will need to protect them from drafts, cold, and even fright. They are extremely sensitive, and can get injured or die quickly if they are put into a bad situation.

Overall, I am very satisfied with being a canary owner, and I love to listen to the beautiful singing. These birds usually only cost 100-150 dollars each, and don't cost very much to maintain. Their food and supplies are relatively inexpensive compared to other birds. A great first bird to own!

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