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Posted Aug 04, 2015

My grandparents gifted our canary RJ to my mother for Mothers Day.

RJ was a black and yellow American Singer canary with an exceptional voice. He primarily sang in the early mornings, which was always a lovely sound to wake up to. (The picture linked in this article is not RJ, but it is similar to what he looked like.)

The singing is really what we enjoyed. He would sing to the tunes of various songs and bob up and down, in a sense, dancing with us. He was most calm when music was playing.

However, overall, our canary was very shy and skittish. He was very fearful of guests and was not fond of the noise my little siblings made. We tried to hand tame RJ, but nothing we did worked. Despite this, he did like to be talked to.

In general, canaries, like other birds, are very messy. They scatter their food and stray feathers all over the place and when they bathe they splash water as well. If you are someone who likes a very clean space, a canary would not be a good fit for you.

RJ did not like being completely alone either. Birds need a lot of attention, and if they do not get enough they can become sick. They love to be talked to and sung to. So if you if you lead a very busy life I do not recommend getting a bird.

Cleaning the birdcage was very easy. Warm soap and water on the tray should do the trick. I recommend using an all natural soap if you can, and ALWAYS make sure that the tray is completely dry before putting fresh newspaper or paper towels on the bottom.

In conclusion, birds need a lot of attention and upkeep. If you want to hear a birdsong every morning, a canary is a fabulous choice. Canaries can scare easily, so quieter households are better for them. But if you are busy or impatient, a canary is not for you.

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