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Pretty Boy



Posted Oct 13, 2014

My mom and aunt had owned canaries the whole time I was growing up. My mother had taken in a beautiful canary from a friend who no longer had time to socialize or take care of it properly and looked after him for several years. My mother decided to come and visit us and we covered the cage up well to protect the bird from drafts and took him with us.

While my mother was visiting she got quite sick, and when she returned she left the bird in my care as she was afraid she wouldn't be able to care for him properly anymore.

This bird would get excited when anyone came into the room and would chirp to get your attention. Every morning, afternoon, and evening, Pretty Boy would start his opera solo and fill the house with the varied sound of his singing. In addition to these routine times, if he was able to hear birds outside, he would communicate to them by singing his heart out.

This bird, like most, makes a bit of a mess with seed shells, and the area around the cage must be swept frequently. They like to be covered with a light covering at night as it reduces nervousness and allows them to enjoy a good night's rest. Gravel, canary food, mineral block, cuddle bone for beak maintenance and nail clipping or perch covers are needed to keep nails at a good length. Failure to trim nails or provide perch covers that filed the nails down enable the nails to grow too long and cause difficulty for the bird to stand. This bird loves a swing and plenty of perches to flitter back and forth to.

Keep your canary away from drafty areas as they are susceptible to cold temperatures and will get sick. This bird likes to have its moderate sized cage suspended from a hook in the ceiling so it can have a good look around.

About a year after my mother gave him to me, Pretty Boy suffered a heart attack and passed away. We missed his friendly chirps when we entered the room and his daily operas for quite some time.

I would recommend this bird to someone who will ensure the bird is kept in a room with stable temperature and attention to nail maintenance. I would not recommend this bird to anyone who does not like being awoken at sunrise to the rather loud singing voice this bird projects for great distances. Overall, this bird is a joy to own.

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