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1500, South Africa

Posted Sep 14, 2014

My mom owns an African Grey and we originally bought Yelsew hoping that he?(we were told Yelsew is male although we were never sure) would teach Dippy a few of his songs while also being a companion for her while we were at work and school.
It worked better than we had hoped and while Yelsew lived, Dippy would often climb down off her cage and climb on top of Yelsew's where she would sit for hours chatting away like the local neighbourhood gossip! She also learned a number of Yelsew's trilling little songs and we were often woken by their morning duets which is a much more pleasant sound to wake to than an alarm clock.
A canary is much like the bird equivalent of a goldfish, so long as they are fed and their cage is kept clean they are quite happy, although one should not assume that they can be stuck in a corner and forgotten about.
Everyday both Yelsew and Dippy would have their cages moved outdoors where they could enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, his diet consisted of normal canary seed with some fresh fruit and vegetables, a small helping of other seeds and nuts and his water bowls were refreshed at least twice a day, particularly the larger bowl which he used to bath himself in!
The relatively simple care routine meant that my little sister could be his 'mommy' which was a great experience for her and also taught her a degree of responsibility, which is always a plus. It was quite funny watching her trying to teach Yelsew to say 'Mommy' and I left the room almost crying with laughter when I overheard her telling Dippy that she shouldn't be so stuck up because Yelsew sang like an angel and she just copied everyone else which was SOOOO boring!

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