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Tweety and the Bandit


Surrey, United Kingdom

Posted Jul 31, 2013

Of the many birds that my Dad bred and raised, I was most enthralled by my Canary. I called my bird "Tweety" because he came to me when I was 16 and amidst my hormones and heavy academic schedule, I could not think of anything more original at the time.

Canaries are very easy to take care of if you keep their cage clean, feed and water them regularly and regulate their temperature with a cage cover and natural sunlight. Much to my dismay now, I never had the time to really research my bird and trusted my Dad's and my own good instincts when it came to care.

Tweety would sing and sing and sing like he never had homework or a broken heart and this was a very comforting thing to me at 16 years old. (Insert teen angst here.) I never noticed him mimicking any words, per say, but at that age I felt all my animals understood me.

When it came time for me to leave for University two years later, I was devastated at the thought of leaving my Tweety behind. Being the daredevil I am, I decided to sneak him into my dormitory, 1,000 miles and many palm trees away from my childhood home. Of course, no adventure is truly memorable without a little drama and around 6 hours into the drive, I was pulled over by a police man in Alachua County for speeding! As I was most definitely speeding, sunglasses on and music blaring, Officer Smokey came out to check my car for anything abnormal. He seemed very interested in the covered cage I had in my back seat so he and I did a little get to know you dance before he wrote me one hell of a ticket. Apparently, the need for me to get my Tweety to University quickly did not cut it with him.

When we finally arrived at my dormitory, I was very distressed to find out that the air conditioning in my room would be too much for my feathered friend and I had to think quickly to solve this issue. Luckily, some of the seniors had some off campus apartments and I was able to keep him at their place and have 24 hour access to hear Tweety's melodious singing when I needed a little reminder of home.

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