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The Crow (featuring some raven)


United States

Posted Jan 28, 2015

*note it is illegal to keep, sell, obtain, native birds within the USA. There are many different species that can be kept as pets but for the sake of this review i’ve stuck it underneath the American Crow.
Can I possibly express how extraordinary these creatures are? Like their bigger cousins the raven, they are ridiculously smart. And when raised as a pet, knocks any type of parrot out of the park. However there is no cage, not even for the biggest macaw, that will be fit for a crow or raven. They need aviaries at the least. They can’t get around the same way parrots do, they either have to fly or hop. Most people don’t know the extent of a crow/raven’s knowledge or even their talking abilities. But more about that later.
The reason I’ve decided to review the crow and not the raven is because of the more difficult nature of owning a raven, which is ultimately bigger. The crow is everything a raven is, in a smaller, and less DESTRUCTIVE package. My mother raises and breeds crows and ravens and she told me of an instance where one of her boys defecated in his water bowl then preceded to take it and chuck it at her face because she had woken up an hour too late. Not that this kind of behavior can’t be present in the smaller crows, it’s just taken to the next level when it comes to ravens. Piss one of these guys off, and I can’t assure you’ll be able to walk away with both eyes intact. They know TOO much.
So DO YOUR RESEARCH before you decide to bring one of these masterminds into your home. They know how things work, they know how people work, and they hold grudges. In addition, theres a reason crows are associated with the word murder. They murder each other in the wild, for reasons not yet known to mankind. But don’t let this put you off, for bird enthusiasts going for an african pied crow or even a magpie might be worth your while. Back to the talking abilities it’s a well known fact that crows will name their humans. Assigning them a particular sound. I can’t tell you how many times I walked through my mom’s home and her crows flawlessly mimicked the sound of the phone ringing, and I ran around like crazy trying to find it! They had an absolute field day out of it! In one instance I actually had my cell phone stolen so that the little guys could trick me. It’s easier to babysit a mischievous child, I guarantee you that.

I will admit, to much embarrassment, it took me a while to figure out, hey why don’t I just change my ringtone?
Silly human.
But then hearing the new one even once, they changed their tune.

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