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American Crow

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The Crow is More Than It Appears!


Missouri, United States

Posted Sep 20, 2014

At first glance one might wonder how you would even come to own such a bird as the American Crow. Truth is, I never really owned Edgar, she was part of the Educational Department at the zoo where I worked. I worked with her and many other species of animal for eight years, and so, have come to have some knowledge of their behaviors and how they are to care for. Firstly, the crow is a loud bird. I mean LOUD. Their voices are not very pretty, and while everyone can identify the distinctive "caw-caw" they make, the Crow can produce over 30 distinctive sounds, and can mimic the calls of other birds, and to an extent, human language. This call can be heard over a matter of MILES, so when I say loud, I mean loud. Their copying is not as refined as the parrot breeds, but Edgar would quite regularly say "hello" and "goodbye". Crows are also extremely intelligent and social animals. They enjoy company, interaction, and can learn tricks easily. However, this also makes them a bit prone to boredom and tantrums. They frequently drop things out of their cages just to watch you pick it up. Crows are also messy. Extremely so, and they smell awful. Being carrion eaters, they require protein in the diet, rather than regular bird feed. This makes their excrement rather odious, and they get it EVERYWHERE. Be prepared to change their cage material daily, if not twice a day. Crows, like most members of the Corvus genus are all black. Very shiny, and they make great pets to show off at halloween! That being said, the novelty alone should not be the deciding factor to owning one of these birds. They require attention, training, constant cleaning, an owner with a strong stomach and headphones.

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