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B. B. the "unexpected" baby


United States

Posted Jul 18, 2014

B. B. the “unexpected” baby

One day a Black Crow, a baby, came into my life.

A Crow baby is not a beginner’s first bird, you must have bird knowledge to take on such a commitment. From day one, he was such a surprise!!! After a major bath, to make sure he was clean & free of mites. I wrapped him in a blanket and held him close to me… that night, he imprinted on me in so many ways!

My mornings changed with a new “Baby” in the house. I started to feed him mill worms with not much luck, he would just look at me. I wouldn’t regurgitate worms for him, so I had to think of something else. I pulled some stewing beef apart and put it into warm water then offered it to him. Oh he loved that!!! Every other day I boiled up some fresh meat for him & he also picked at fresh green grapes after I peeled them.

As days passed, I learned that Crow babies have a language all their own. I knew when he was hungry for sure, I no longer needed an alarm to get me up….the baby would wake me.

Black Bart - grew strong, beautiful, & very healthy! He learned to fly by watching my other birds fly around the house; I had 3 others. It was rather shocking really when he did, he was so large so fast and my Parrot was shocked as well!! When he flew, you had better have Baby wipes ready, it wasn’t always a clean experience. You have to able to deal with a mess, he’s a bird & a baby!

I named him Black Bart – just like the pirate, yes, there was a pirate with this name. My Black Bart, would fly around the house and steal things. My earrings, pens, anything small enough to carry in his beak, so if something turned up missing I knew where to look!

So, if you find yourself bringing up a Crow, just keep in mind, they are messy, loud, demanding, loving, playful & very smart.

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