African Ring-necked Parakeet

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I Love My Parakeet So I'm Putting A Ring On It


1750, Philippines

Posted Jan 27, 2016

The one that I got is actually a pair and I've had them for a long time now. I feel bad whenever I see a caged bird but I do understand that they should be contained if you want to keep them as pets. The best that I did to address this issue is to have a cage big enough for them to actually use their wings. I keep mine in a little over two meters wide and 3-meter tall cage.

I believe that it is important to provide pets like them lots of branches to perch on but not too much that it restricts their space where they can fly and also a bird box or bird house made of wood where they can go when they feel cold. I live in the tropics so they should also have proper shelter for protection both from the rain and the burning sun during summer. I don't have any idea how the set-up would be in countries where it snows tho.

This type of bird makes just the right amount of bird "noise" they usually sing a lot in the morning around 8-9am which actually sets the right mood for non-morning people like me so that's great. I sometimes use them as a mirror where I do pep talk to myself. They love it when I hand them small pieces whole-wheat bread but watch out for the beak, it could leave a serious mark.

They are very shy and/or afraid, they almost always hide from me or from anyone who wants to take a close look. Unless you have a piece of bread.

Clean-up is a drag sometimes since my birds poop a lot! Probably because of all the fiber haha. Well anyway, they're interesting pets for me; not really the type of pets that you can play with but they are a great addition to your beautiful garden and they are affectionate once they got used to you (which could take a long time). I'm actually planning to install nets which will cover my whole garden so they can freely fly.

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