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Zebra Finch

Overall satisfaction


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Beep beep


Bangor, Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 13, 2011

My Nan had 2 of these birds when I was 13 and they are cute she kept 2 in a cage in her living room and they used to make a strange beeping noise (its hard to describe) I at the time just thought they were really cute and never thought much else. Then recently we got some for my boyfriends dad and he now keeps them in a large indoor avairy that he built in his converted attic they have a roof window which is almost always left open so they get plenty of fresh air. They have a lot of room to fly around and many perches and nest boxes to keep them happy.
From my experience of these birds they are VERY active always flying from one place to another, talking away to each other. They are very social and we keep them all together each one has a mate and they are currently making nests. We have a small shallow dish of water on the floor and a dish of seed for them as well. We don't handle them but they are friendly and will come to the side of the avairy to see you when you go up to them. Some are a little more nervous and can get a little distressed if you make a lot of noise or are moving things around in the room.
I have also worked with them when I worked at the animal sanctuary and when they came in they staying in temporary show cages, they had feeders and drink dispensers on the cage bars which I feel is more hygenic, They also had perches to fly from and they were also very chatty and social. But these ones were more nervous and got stressed out quite easily :( We also fed them dandelion leaves.

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