Handy Stick Training Whips

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Treatment Type: Training Products
Caregiver: Do it Yourself

Handy Stick Training Whips are also known as "carrot sticks", and are flexible fiberglass whips covered by nylon webbing. Handy Stick Training Whips are basically used as extensions of the trainer's arms, and can be helpful in safely desensitizing a horse to being touched on sensitive parts of its body, such as the flank, neck, and lower legs.

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Tough-1 Clinician Stick Training Whip Orange

$ 1094 ($0.15/Count) $10.94

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Abetta Carrot Stick Training Whip

$ 3132 ($0.15/Count) $31.32

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Tough 1 Clinician Stick Training Whip Black

$ 2695 ($0.15/Count) $26.95

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Tough 1 Tough-1 Youth 3' Training Whip, Royal Blue...

$ 2255 ($0.15/Count) $22.55

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