Endurance Saddles

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Treatment Type: Tack
Caregiver: Do it Yourself
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The endurance saddle is a close-contact saddle that is designed for long-distance endurance competitions, and for long-distance trail riding.

Endurance saddles are light weight and comfortable and typically have multiple rings which are used to carry supplies.

Endurance saddles do not have horns, which is why they are also known as "English Endurance Saddles".

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Tucker Smooth Chrome Endurance Saddle Wid 17.5 Blk...

$ 162500 ($0.15/Count) $1625.00

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Tucker Horizon Endurance Saddle 179 621613421 -16....

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ABETTA Gaited Endurance Saddle Flex Tree, 16" Blac...

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Intrepid International Endurance Saddle Pad, Black...

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