Contoured, Gel Saddle Pads

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Treatment Type: Tack
Caregiver: Do it Yourself

Contoured, felt - impact gel saddle pads provide comfortable, shock-absorbing fit for horses with high withers and dips in the back.

Contour saddle pads are designed to fit horses that are swaybacked or high-withered.

Wool felt is made out of compressed wool. Felt is graded into 15 categories, and the lower the grade, the higher the felt is in virgin wool, strength and compression ability. Saddle pads are made from F10 - F15 wool felt, and pads that are F10 or F11 will be of superior quality. The benefits of wool felt are that they are good at absorbing shock and preventing pressure points from ill-fitting saddles. Wool felt is also effective at preventing heat buildup, and for wicking away sweat.

Impact gel is a gelatin-like polymer material that is a solid, but which absorbs shock and dissipates energy like a liquid. The drawback to impact gel is that it is quite heavy, and expensive.

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