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"Social Enrichment" is a fancy phrase for regularly getting our dogs out in the world - seeing new things, and meeting new people and new dogs.

Dogs are social animals, and one of the key environmental enrichment strategies is to provide our dogs with opportunities to socialize with people and other animals. This can be as simple as taking our dogs with us on errands - most dogs love riding in the car and seeing and smelling the big, outside world. Appropriate interaction with new people can build canine self-confidence and trust.

Whether it's play-date with a friend's dog, or a free-for-all scramble with a pack of canines at an off-leash dog park, most dogs love to socialize with other dogs. Obviously it's important to consider your dog's temperament, fitness level and size when finding the type of play / socializing that makes it the happiest.

Can be really helpful

This is more towards keeping your pup entertained versus training, but dogs like to have visual enrichment in their environment just like we do. When we first got my border collie puppy, she loved watching movies on tv with dogs in them. It was a great distraction when we were away from the house, or trying to trim her nails. In the beginning, she was crate trained, so she loved having something to watch while in her crate. Her favorite movie was Babe, about the sheep-herding pig :)

By L Sand CVT
Denver, Colorado, United States

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