What is it like to own a Siamese Cat



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Owning a Siamese cat is quite a challenge. I am more of a dog person hence when Acky, our Siamese cat, was given to us we have to make some adjustments at home.

Acky was given to us as gift by a veterinarian friend. He first asked whether we prefer Persian cat or Siamese, thinking that Siamese will not require much grooming thus we chose Siamese. True enough, Acky does not need to be groomed all the time, thanks to his short fur/hair. However, I have to deal with his mood swings and spikes of energy.

I thought cats are creatures that love to be left alone but Siamese cats, like Acky, are different. They are extroverts and loves to socialize. Acky immediately warms up to people especially when my friends come over my house.

Acky, most of the time, loves to sleep but he loves to sleep near me. He loves to sleep next to me in the evening. He actually loves to snuggle. I am not used to having a cat thus when he came to our lives I have to do some research to understand him. I have found out that cats in general are nocturnal, which simply means that I have to put up with Acky's energy in the evening. Usually when it is time for bed, it is also the time he finds perfect to play or run around the house. Sometimes he lies next to me yet would require me to pet him by brushing his forehead on my hand. Such is quite tiring especially if you just want to sleep after a long day. Because of this, I find the importance of keeping Acky busy during daytime or early evening. I usually play with Acky early in the evening so he gets tired by bedtime and does not go running around the house.

There are times when Acky gets active. He runs around the house. Jumping at curtains and climbing on the shelves. Being a cat, he loves to drop things when it gets on his way, this simply means that I have to make sure breakables are out of his reach or path.

I also have to put up with Acky's unending "meowing" when it is heat season and there is a cat in heat near our house.

Since I love dogs, I also have dogs living with me. Acky does not have a problem with that as long as they also leave him alone. He tends to scratch the dogs when they try to get near him even if they just want to play. However if he feels like it, he snuggles with them too.

What I love about Acky is his intelligence. It was easy for me to train him to use his litter box. He can also understand the command "no". During his first few months in the house he uses the litter box until one day he just learned (no training) to do his business in the comfort room/toilet. It is easier for me to clean and I save money since I no longer have to purchase litter sand.

Some websites describe Siamese cats' behavior to be more like dogs and being a dog person and it made getting along and understanding Acky easier. Whenever I come home Acky greets me at the door and asks for a pet. He is sweet and loves to sleep on my lap or on my working table when I am quite busy.

Overall I could say that having Acky at home adds more spice to life. Thus, if you are a person who is interested to have an extrovert cat that is intelligent and loves to be around humans, a Siamese cat is good choice.