The Princess

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We originally named Zelda her name because it was close to her shelter name, Zoey, which didn't fit her at all. Little did we know that naming her after a video game princess would actually be a really fitting choice.

Zelda is a princess, and she rules her household with a steady paw. She is an absolutely gorgeous cow cat with a relatively unique trait: thumbs! She is polydactyl, which gives her really proportionately big paws (and 20% more claws, which really hurt when she was a kitten and still learning how to use them). She likes things on her terms, but thankfully her terms are pretty flexible so long as they include snuggles, food, and a good soft place to nap.

When she decides to snuggle, you listen. You don't really have a choice, since she will headbutt you gently until you pay attention or chirp at you. She, like her brother Zorro, may be part Siamese, and she will chat with you, though nowhere near as much as her brother. Her meow is very high pitched, even at the age of two, so it sounds almost like a kitten, but she makes these little vocal chirps instead of mews. It's actually pretty cute to hear kitten sounds coming out of a full grown cat. She must have put all her vocal growth into her purr instead, because she has one of the loudest purrs I've heard on any cat. I've heard this across a room before.

And she purrs a LOT. She will snuggle up to someone (usually my husband, but she's open to other people) and purr until she falls asleep.

She also likes to follow you to see what you're doing, although she's just as content to lie down and take a nap or go play with her brother. She's great when we have to leave her, and not at all shy around company. She just sees all the new people as more hands to pet her.

She's calmer and a bit less playful than her brother, but she will zoom around the house at top speed with him or chase a jingle ball toy in an instant. That has kept her in excellent health.

She too is finicky about grooming brushes, but she will hold still for her favorite brush. She is meticulous about grooming herself, but during shedding season, her fine-textured fur has caused hairballs. Regular hair ball prevention treats and occasional brushing have kept her fur in great shape and soft as a bunny.

She's an excellent little princess, and long may she reign with snuggles and purrs.