Sweetie the Escape Artist



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We've been breeding boer goats for over a decade. They're great for keeping down weeds, are a good meat goat and their kids are like puppy dogs.

Sweetie was born in a set of triplets. The mother couldn't handle all three kids and abandoned Sweetie the day she was born. We bottle-fed her, along with two other orphaned kids, and she soon thrived. While being bottle-fed Sweetie and the other two kids lived in our backyard and bonded with my children. We would often find them skipping after our children around the yard.

Sweetie was not content when she was put out into the paddock with the other goats, and thus began her escapades. Every time we thought we had her contained, she would find another way to get in. She would leap from a tree stump to the fence and balance along the top of the fence to jump into the yard. After we blocked that off, she discovered a looser section of fence she could push down and walk over. We fixed that, but then she learnt how to climb the mesh fence by putting each hoof in the mesh and climbing it like a ladder. We moved her to a paddock as far away from the house as possible. She got out through the fence and walked down the road until she found her way back to the house. There is just no keeping her out!

Despite being a naughty Houdini, she certainly provides us with a lot of entertainment. We even once caught her having a jump around on the kids' trampoline!

For the most part boer goats can be contained with some good fencing or a low electric wire. On rare occasions you might get a goat who can jump fences. Sweetie, however, is the first goat we've had who is such an intelligent (and cheeky) escape artist.