Quackers the duck

United States


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We got Quackers as a baby from the local feed store. He bonded with us really fast and he loved following us around the yard. He'd follow the kids all over the place and quack the whole time, hence his name. He loved to swim and he'd splash like crazy when he first got in the water. We didn't keep his pool filled because it would get really gross and mosquitoes were bad in our area and any standing water became a mosquito nursery quickly.

We kept Quackers in a coop at night with a plastic dog crate converted as a duck house. He had to be in a pen at night for his own safety. During the day as long as we were outside, he had free run of our yard which was a couple acres but he stayed right with us. Rouen ducks look like Mallards except a bit bigger and because of the bigger sized body, they can't fly very high...like a few feet a most. Quackers rarely tried to fly although he'd flap his wings like he was flying when he chased the kids. We eventually got a couple more ducks so he'd have buddies. We had to move to an apartment a couple years after we got him so we gave him and his buddies to a good friend who had a small natural pond and lots of room for him to play as well as lots of other ducks and chickens.

Ducks are great pets IF you have a decent space outdoors for a coop and lots of time to clean up their never ending mess. They poo a lot and they especially like to ruin their water with it so water containers must be cleaned daily. Ducks do not crow but they can quack fairly loud at times. They are sooooo cute as babies but they grow up very fast and within 2-3 months you'll have an adult sized duck on your hands. Please do not release ducks into the wild even if it is a local park with other ducks. Your duck can introduce disease to the other ducks and even under the best circumstances your duck will probably starve or be eaten by predators. Find your duck a home with someone else if you choose not to keep it. Ducks are a big responsibility but they can give you as much affection as cats or other birds if you take care of them well.