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My experience with the Percula has been long and tiresome, as far as trying to breed and raise their young. The furthest I ever got was for them to pair off. They would act like they were going to spawn, I would get all excited, go to bed and wake up disappointed every single time. I never did stay and watch, perhaps they lacked confidence in me and decided not to leave me any eggs. I don't know but the Percula was my first salt-water breeding attempt.

They are like all other clown-fish in that they will change sex according to the situation so pairing them off is quite easy. From my experience though, getting them to spawn is another story and it made little difference how bad I yearned for a tank full of newborn clownfish.

They will eat most common foods and can tolerate a wide range of water quality, are a great addition to any marine aquarium with a great preference to the reef system and generally are highly recommended for this type of display. I have only seen one or two turn out to be aggressive towards another fish in the tank and this was usually during feeding. But this is common in all fish; "me first" is a good sign of a healthy fish.

I recommend a Percula if but for the fact that most people may expect this fish in a marine aquarium as if it's not "salt-water" without one of these. :)