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Ohio, United States


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We take turns photo-bombing each other

I never wanted a cat. I was terrified I would become a crazy cat lady, however, when I turned 30 and I was still single, a cat was starting to sound like a really nice addition into my life.

My parents just so happened to drive by a place giving out free kittens and there were two left. A cute little furball and a runt. They took them both for additions on their small farm. The first day the runt saw me, she claimed me. She would jump on my lap and sleep so deeply she would snore. Soon, she was refusing to do her "farm cat" duties to climb up on my lap and sleep. It wasn't too much longer that I decided to sneak her into my "no animals allowed" apartment.

She has been the happiest cat for almost 5 years. She has always been prim and proper, (hence her name, Miss Prim), never jumping up on anything higher than abed. She only meows when she is hungry or wants to play. But mostly, she still loves to snuggle. It is rare to sit on the couch without her on my lap. Even as I write this, she is on my lap, sleeping so deeply, that she is snoring. She feels safe in my arms, and I feel more loved every day because she never tires of cuddling.