Low Maintenance Snake Friend

United States


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King Snakes are great pets for people who do not have a lot of time to invest. If you're a busy person, and do not have a lot of time, this could be the pet for you!

King Snakes can get very large. Ours was 3 feet long at the end of her life, though they can get bigger depending on their habitat and what they are fed. They can be very docile, and are quite pretty. Though you do not have to spend a lot of time with them, the more time you spend, the less likely they are to find you threatening.

Their diet can be unappealing to some. They are carnivores, and require recently living, or live food. Though snakes are fully able to kill their own food, it is recommended that you kill it for them. This keeps the snake safe, and also can help it to remain more docile. You can get frozen, already dead, baby mice at a pet store and feed your snake that if you'd like. This can be a wonderful experience for those who like to view nature in action.

Snakes, like all reptiles, need to be handled carefully. You should make sure that anyone handling your snake washes their hands thoroughly to avoid salmonella poisoning. You should also be aware of the temperament of your snake to avoid being bitten.

Though snakes are great pets, they are not excessively cuddly. If you're okay with not cuddling, feeding recently living animals to them, and allowing them to rest and hide when they want, this could be the pet for you!