Lady Varys the Tarantula

Georgia, United States


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I have always been fascinated by Tarantulas and 2 years ago I decided to get one. I fell in love almost immediately. The owner of the pet shop showed me some of the best beginner Tarantulas and let me handle the one that I decided to take home.

Rose Hair Tarantulas are known to be "pet rocks" as they don't often move, rarely burrow and usually only make web while they are eating. They also CAN be very docile. Like any creature, it is important to do your research, know the signs that the Tarantula is not in the mood to be handled. Also, Tarantulas do not like to be held, while some types will "tolerate" it for short periods, they prefer to just be left alone.

The way to tell what mood a Tarantula is in is to grab something long (I use a large pair of tweezers) and gently tap the Tarantulas "bottom" and if they don't do anything or move away slowly then it should be ok to gently escort the Tarantula on to your hand. No sudden movements, please! Typically the first sign that a Tarantula is not in the mood is they will reach back and kick hairs off their backside which are like fiberglass and can be very painful if they get in your eyes. After that, that if still bothered they may lift up their front legs and reveal their fangs and after that you are at risk of getting bitten. Just be aware of the Tarantulas mood if you must handle one and also take in consideration that Rose Hair's are very delicate so please don't drop them, it could kill them. Also, every Tarantula can have a different temperament so please do not get a Tarantula just because you want to hold one.

Rose Hair Tarantulas are very easy to care for and don't require a large cage. They also don't require any additional heating unless your home's temperature is below 60 degrees. I provide mine with Coconut Bark as the bedding, a small wooden hide space and a water bowl. Feeding Tarantulas is even easier, mine requires 1 cricket per week and it is fascinating to watch them eat.

One thing that you should research before getting a Tarantula is molting. This is something a Tarantula goes through when it is growing and during this time period they are very vulnerable. Typically they will stop eating for several weeks before molting. Tarantulas will flip over onto their backs during the molting process and it is very important that you do not disturb them during this process as it can result in death of the Tarantula. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. After it has molted, please do not disturb the Tarantula for at least a week to allow its new skin to harden and do not feed the Tarantula for at least 3 days for the same reason.

In conclusion, Tarantulas are fascinating creatures to observe. I highly recommend a Rose Hair Tarantula for beginners and like me, I feel like your fascination will expand and you will want to explore different types of Tarantulas. On a sad note, Lady Varys passed away November of last year and I have since got another Rose Hair Tarantula, Nymeria and a Pink Toe Tarantula named Shae.