He wasnt my horse thank God for that much

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Habib was actually my sister's horse, and from the moment I saw him, I knew he was the hot-tempered son of Satan himself (not my cat, either). My sister, Jamie, was about fifteen at the time and her horse of five years, Starkanna, had just passed away. Jamie wanted another white Arabian since she always loved the fiery attitude of the breed and she wasn't afraid of them in the least.

My father and I searched for weeks to find that girl a white Arabian for sale, and when we finally found one, the owner told us on the phone that his horse was NOT a horse meant for a fifteen year old girl. Knowing Jamie, and how well she was with horses, we just laughed and told the man to let us see the horse.

Habib wouldn't even let us saddle him; he bucked, he reared, he pitched a fit that my 5 year old son would probably sit down and takes notes on. So what did Jamie do? "Meg, gimme a boost." In between bucks and rears, I did just that, and Jamie swung up, grabbed the reins, and they were GONE. I mean it, too. That horse took off like a shot from a damned gun. The owner was sweating bullets, thinking my sister was dead somewhere out in the woods that Habib had run into, while me and Daddy just waited patiently. After about ten minutes, we started to get a little worried, too, but before we could go call for help, Jamie and Habib came out of the woods.... walking. The horse that had been stomping, snorting fire, bucking and rearing and showing his ass was now walking slowly, just barely plodding along, ears forward, all the fight completely drained from him.

My baby sister, a petite sprig og a 15 yr old, made that asshole her bitch.

When she dismounted, she just smiled at the owner and told him, "once he learned who was the boss, we got along just fine. How much you want for him?"

The dude was so flabberghasted that he told her $900, and that was how 'Bib joined our family. No surprise, Jamie was the ONLY person that could ride him. Anyone else tried to?? They'd find themselves literally scraped off on the nearest pine tree.

Habib was an asshole, much like the rest of his high-strung, energetic breed... but he was Jamie's asshole.