Great - once you work out the tricks!

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I happened into this project on accident. I was given 13 quail chicks after a demonstration. By the time I'd worked out all the tricks, I was down to 5! (Fortunately, I had 4 hens and a cock, so things worked out quite well after that!)

These chicks were as dumb as turkey poults (see my review on the bronze turkey), but about 1/10 the size! As tiny balls of fluff, there really isn't any leeway - you have to get your game right from the get-go.

If you give them too much water at once, they climb in and drown - or freeze - I had to use the end of a juice concentrate can for water.

If they are in an ordinary box, they will jump out! I had to use a birdcage for my chicks.

Despite all the fuss getting them beyond the heat lamp, I found them to be quite durable and a lot of fun. I raised two clutches of eggs one spring (they all hatched overnight, literally) - I covered them with a strawberry box so that they wouldn't get crushed by the nearby chicken eggs when they hatched. I sold the chicks at the local feed store (the second time buying my pair of goslings in exchange!)

I would definitely raise quail again - hopefully more successfully from the outset this time!