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We never meant to own a goose, but one morning after a particularly bad winter storm (think blizzard) we woke up to find a white goose honking around our farm yard. Just one. He was already full grown when he showed up, so we never did find out how old he was, but we had him for 18 years before he passed away, just this summer (2013)

You wouldn't think that a goose would have such a huge personality, but he did. I was a child when he showed up, and pretty much the only person he liked was my Mother. As Meredith Grey would say, she was his person.

Ferdinand would follow my Mother around the farmyard, hissing and honking at anyone else. If we got to close he would chase us with his wings spread out wide and bite us if he was fast enough. I was never particularly fond of him.

Over the years he got into various scrapes, mostly because of his bad attitude. He would wander around the farm from pasture to pasture, attacking the other livestock as it took his fancy. One hilarious story that stands out in my head was the time he picked a fight with one of our Holstein cows. For no reason fathomable, he ran up and bit her in the udder, causing her to turn around and headbutt him. Ferdinand managed to grab a hold of one of her forelock curls with his beak while she continued to pummel him into the grass, and refused to let go! Luckily for him, my Mother saw what was happening and ran out and saved his miserable life.

Over the years he suffered a broken beak, and a wing from messing around with the horses, cattle and sheep, but right to the end he didn't care how big his opponent was.

My parents tried to find him a mate once, so we got a second goose, Polly Anna. She was the polar opposite of Ferdie and kept to herself, didn't hiss or try to bite us.. which could be why Ferdinand wanted nothing to do with her. She eventually fell in love with a wheel barrow and spent most of her days hanging out beside it, or following it around the yard honking whenever someone had to use it.

I guess my completely honest review of geese is that they are great pets...if they like you!