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Some people buy a pet for the experience of having a slice of nature in their home. I was one such person. I bought the Brazilian spider after reading a bit about them, and the thought of it reminded me of how I used to feel about exotic creatures when I was a child. I envisioned a "science experiment" type of experience where I would watch the spider grow and nurture it into a full grown, healthy spider.

My first encounter involved putting on a thick glove and holding a pencil in the far corner of the glass cage. This is the recommended practice to test the temperament of your spider. Well, the moment I placed the pencil down in the cage, the spider rushed my hand with it's front legs raised and it's fangs snapping at the pencil. This happened in a fraction of a second, and I nearly knocked the cage to the floor with my reaction (which was to violently pull my hand out of the cage). My heart was pounding and all I could think of was "how the heck am I going to take care of this thing?". I awoke that night with a start after dreaming that the spider had escaped it's cage and crawled into bed with me. This was not going to be an easy experience.

Then came the mice; live mice. I would put these small mice into the cage which resulted in a the spider attacking, dispatching, and then wrapping them in their silk. This was a gross, disgusting experience for me. Imagine how the mouse felt.

I would not recommend spider ownership for anyone but a pet owner with a strong stomach. This is an absolute necessity. My little friend made his way back to the pet store where I hope someone a bit more experienced than I made his acquaintance. I do think, in retrospect, that this type of pet is best left where it belongs; in the wild.