Big Eyes

South Africa


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When my partner and I decided to move in together we were faced with the challenge of bringing three male cats together.

Sebastian is a Norwegian Forest Cat Mix. I find him slightly stockier than the normal domestic and has a mane that would put a lion to shame. His personality was a perfect match and he managed to restore order within the first few minutes of meeting my two crazy kitties. You see Sebastian has a very calm and gentle nature and somehow (almost like a super power) manages to calm the other two hooligans when they start getting a bit boisterous.

The only time he gets a little upset is when his food bowl is emptier than he would like and we have often been woken up at ungodly hours with a black haired, green eyed figure just staring at you in you sleep, patiently waiting for you to open your eyes so he can alert you to the impending famine. Yes, they are a little over dramatic but you quickly learn to love their quirkiness.

If you are looking for a maintenance free aloof kitty, this is not the match for you. Grooming needs to be done daily to avoid knots. In warmer climates, they may battle a little in the summer with their thick unyielding coat. When bathing them you will also notice how water resistant their coat is and you need to drown their coat in order to give them a good clean.

Being very patient and gentle by nature I would recommend this breed to anyone, as long as they have sufficient time to tend to their grooming requirements.