Beating the Stereotype

United Kingdom


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Fiery. Feisty. Hot-headed. Stress-head. Useless for anything except twirling around at the end of a show rein. All terms that have been frequently ascribed to the Arabian horse. And when your Arabian horse is a chestnut mare with three white socks, people line up to tell you exactly what is wrong with your horse.

Except..... Marjorie is none of these. Well, not in a bad way. What she is, is intelligent. Intelligent enough that you cannot force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. You don't order my mare around, you have a negotiation. She will take a long time to assess you, and determine if you are worthy to be her slave. Once you have been deemed worthy, you have a horse who will go to the ends of the earth for you.

A true athlete, she has light, balanced paces. She is extremely light on her feet and nimble, which has saved us when on difficult terrain at times. She excels at endurance, wanting to lead from the front at all times. She is easily trained, as long as you ask nicely. She thrives on being out on the trail, and is constantly looking to see what is coming around the next corner.

The Arabian horse isn't for everyone. But if you can work with, and draw on that intelligence and spirit, you will have a friend for life.