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Tomato frogs


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Posted Jul 09, 2013

These are small little fat round frogs. They are from Madagascar and I have heard their name comes from the fact the little round reddish creatures resemble a tomato. They are cute as can be, not especially hard to care for.

They prefer a terrarium type set up. If done in a 20 gallon aquarium you can keep 3-4-5 of them in a little group. They like plants, vines, places to hide and dig. They like to burrow. I kept them in a mix of sterilized potting soil and a little coconut fiber. This should be several inches deep. They need a warm zone I used a heating mat under the aquarium with a towel over it and monitored it. it should not get over 85-86F, Their home should be maintained at 75-80 days and 65-75 at night. I used a UVB light for them, They are primarily nocturnal, but most sources I checked advised a period of sunlight. Their home should be set up with a pool, a plastic lid pushed into the soil works, be sure your frogs can keep their nose above water and can easily get in and out of the water (may need a few small stones or flat glass marbles). This water has got to be kept very very clean. they absorb water through their belly. VERY important their enclosure be kept clean, you will be changing the entire substrata every 2-3 weeks. I put moss around their pool, that must be rinsed daily and gives them a humid zone. They like a humidity of 75-80%.

They eat crickets, meal worms, wax worms, fruit flies., even pinky mice. They wait for prey to come by, they rarely chase food. All insects should be gut loaded for several days before feeding. Never leave uneaten insects in the enclosure, crickets especially will bite your frogs, Also size feed to the size of your frogs.

You cannot handle them. They ooze a sticky white substance from their cheeks which can cause allergic reactions. They also stress. easily.

A healthy male will be a brownish red and can reach apx 3 inches around, females are slightly larger and usually a brighter red. Bright color and eyes show a healthy frog. They tend to get dull if stressed or ill. A good vet is always good to have when having exotic pets.

You cannot handle them. They ooze a sticky milky white fluid from their cheeks, like a mucous. It can cause an allergic reaction in humans though not toxic. Also handling can damage their fragile skin and stress them.

But kept very clean, careful monitoring of temp and humidity, you can watch your frog do its thing. They are interesting to watch as they go about their business of being a frog. And they are cute as can be. With proper care they can live 20 years. PLEASE before you buy an exotic (or any pet) do your research and be certain that in 4-10-20 years from now you will still have the desire and ability to care for this little being.

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