Spanish Ribbed Newt

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Surprisingly easy going, very docile creature. Requires patience to handle.


Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 29, 2014

I had my newt for a total of five years at which point I let a friend look after him as he'd always wanted a newt. The last time we spoke apparently he was still going strong, so be prepared for a lengthy lifespan if you do decide to get one.

These particular newts are active and if you're patient enough, quite affectionate. I spent a great deal of time placing my hand on the bed of the tank allowing it to get used to the feel of walking on a human hand. After a certain amount of time I began lifting him up within the water, and he grew to remain seated on my palm. I'd advice wearing gloves as they can secret a toxin that irritates the skin and it wouldn't be a good idea to touch your eyes or mouth after handling. My newt responded well to his back being stroked and in terms of feeding, care and maintenance they're a cheap, easy pet to look after.

However, if they get on your floor, they're fast movers. Incredibly so. Catching them can be hard if you let them go for a runaround and you'll need to do so before their skin gets too dry. Luckily mine only went on an escape mission once, and we were able to scoop him up in an ice cream tub and plop him back in the tank.

Really enjoyable to watch them swim, and feeding them a cube of frozen bloodworms is one of the easiest things I've done in terms of pet maintenance. A pleasure to own and quite sweet when they get used to being handled. They can grow as big as you like depending on how much you feed them, so bear in mind that an upgrade in tank size may be needed a few years down the line.

Great pets with no complaints.

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