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Illinois, United States

Posted Sep 30, 2012

The sira poison frog aka "Ranitomeya sirensis" includes 5 different colored frogs within the species. Previously there had only been 1 frog known as sirensis, but recently the species lamasi is know classified as sirensis. Now, sirensis includes the standard sirensis (which is not seen in the hobby), highland sirensis(formerly
standard lamasi), Panguana sirensis(formerly orange lamasi), Western Panguana sirensis(formerly green lamasi), and Lower Ucayali sirensis.

Overall, they are beautiful frogs all with stripes down their backs and a reticulated pattern on the legs. They range from highland to lowland environments, depending on which one you acquire a different habitat should be provided. Lowlands prefer lots of leaf litter, ground cover, and don't need as tall of a tank as the highlands do. Whereas, the highlands would prefer a vertical tank setup with bromeliads, and other vining vegetation. Similarly, both do well in groups of 3-5 depending on tank size. Most breeders say they do best when in larger groups of 5 or so for breeding purposes.

As with any dart frog the main diet would consist of fruit flies, springtails, and possibly small isopods. Using a high quality vitamin/calcium supplement with D3 is important and should be dusted onto the flies about 2-4 times a week. I prefer using reverse osmosis water and spray my frogs down about 1-2 times a day but others use treated water or aged tap water.

Most sirensis I've had have been somewhat shy, although, when in larger groups I've been told that they are a bit more bold. As with any frog make sure not to use any cleaning products in or around the tanks, planting any plants with pesticides, and keeping tanks out of the way of direct sunlight is a good idea. Other than that they're a rewarding and beautiful frog to own.

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