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African Bullfrogs - Ravenous Predators and Tender Parents


New York, United States

Posted Dec 21, 2010

With proper care, African Bullfrogs are among the
longest-lived of amphibians - they routinely live into their 20's, and at least
1 individual topped 50 years of age. Those in the trade are invariably
captive bred, and with some experience you can breed your own - the tadpoles
are as voracious as the adults, and easy to rear.span Males devote a great deal of care to the eggs
and tadpoles, snapping at animals as large as lions (see article below) and
digging channels to bring water to drying tadpoles.

African Bullfrogs are nearly always eager feeders (one was
observed to swallow 17 hatchling Spitting Cobras! – please see article below),
but a diet based on supplemented crickets will not suffice, and will cut short
their potentially long lives.span Growing
frogs have high calcium needs, often met in the wild by consuming others of
their kind.span Captives eagerly take mice,
but a steady diet of rodents leads to health problems; Calcium is best supplied
by such foods as whole fishes, earthworms and others – more difficult to
provide than a mouse diet but much better for the frog (please see article
below).span Overfeeding is a common problem
– they seem to “enjoy” eating so much that it’s hard not to indulge them!span Obesity, however, will cut short their lives.

Ammonia poisoning is a real concern, and has led to many
deaths of otherwise healthy frogs.span These
brutes produce a great deal of waste material and if not kept scrupulously
clean will absorb ammonia in lethal quantities; 1 over-looked water bowl
cleaning can be fatal (please see article below).

Despite very interesting behaviors (including the ability to
go without food/water for up to 9 months in the wild), African Bullfrogs are
largely inactive except for feeding time; not a pet for those who crave
action.span They also bear tooth-like
projections on the lower jaw and deliver serious bites…biting at a moving
object within range is instinctual, and cannot be “un-learned”, so even long
term captives must be handled with care.

Please check out the following articles I’ve written on
African Bullfrogs, and feel free to write in with questions and comments:

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Thanks and enjoy, Frank

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