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Toy Toad Vs. Pet Toad


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Posted Dec 24, 2014

I owned fire belly toads on and off throughout the 90s. I always purchased them from my local pet store. Usually I’d purchase one, but occasionally I’d purchase two. These toads served as toys to my family. They were easily disposable, cared for if we chose to make time, and weren’t given the proper tank environment to thrive.

When we’d play with the toads, we’d always wash our hands AFTER we played with them so we wouldn’t catch any germs from them and get sick. We never thought about the types of germs our unwashed hands were spreading to them.

We never had a healthy tank environment for these really cool animals either. We kept our toads in small fish tanks, with a few rocks, a wee bit of water, and called it a day. How were these living animals supposed to feel at home with just the bare minimum? How were they going to ever thrive if they spent their days wading in contaminated tap water?

Toads are relatively unimportant animals to humans. However, they’re still living, breathing, feeling, thinking ANIMALS. I decided to write this review to encourage people to stop treating their pet toads (and other tiny voiceless animals) like toys, and to start treating them like pets!

If I purchased a toad today, I’d keep my toad in an adequate sized tank that filters their water. I’d also use quality water (distilled, spring, purified) in their tank. I would make their tank feel like their natural habitat by purchasing various tank accessories. I’d wash my hands before handling them, if I decided to handle them at all. I would honor their existence, by caring about them and properly providing for them. It’s the right thing to do.

Note: I know that was a bit of a rant guys, but it’s really important that we honor our animals, especially animals that many people treat as toys instead of pets.

I loved my experience with fire belly toads. I found these animals to have excellent temperaments. They seemed to enjoy being held, and when they didn’t want to be held anymore, they’d let you know by attempting to escape your hands!!! Purchasing crickets weekly from a pet store for their feed was relatively easy. All you have to do is place a cricket in a shoebox with holes in it, place the toad in the box with the cricket, and a minute later you’d have an expired cricket and a stuffed toad! Upkeep can be relatively simple, if you view these animals as living creatures deserving of a healthy and clean living environment. All in all, toads are great pets if cared for properly. I wouldn’t recommend these tiny animals to homes with young children, unless the kids are monitored while interacting with them. These animals are extremely delicate, and young children may not have the mental capacity to know if they’re hurting them or not.

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