Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

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Oriental Fire Bellied Toads


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Posted Aug 21, 2014

We weren't allowed to have pets in our college dorm ... so I went out and got some toads. At the time I felt that bucking the system and sticking it to the man was my responsibility. Comparative to what my peers were doing, illegally housing toads was a pretty mild form of rebellion.

I wish I could say a lot of cool stuff about these guys but I can't. They are toads. Colorful toads but toads nonetheless. They hop around, eat crickets, and make a mess for you to clean up.

I had mine in a 10 gallon tank with fish tank gravel as substrate. I kept a couple inches of water in the tank and made high spots with the gravel and rock features so they could get in and out of the water. I also had a light on one side of the tank for basking. It wasn't exactly a pet paradise but they seemed pretty happy (as happy as a toad can seem).

Cleaning the cage was a little bit of a task in a college dorm room. I put the toads in a small holding tank and scooped all the gravel out. I rinsed the gravel off in a colander and wiped down the inside of the tank weekly. I always used dechlorinated water when refilling the tank.

My toads had a pretty healthy appetite. Crickets didn't last very long in their cage. I feed all my "bug eating" animals with insects that have been dusted in a vitamin/mineral powder.

These toads are awesome choice for anyone who wants a low maintenance and colorful pet. If you are willing to do the work, you can set up some pretty awesome tanks for these little guys. Google is your friend if you lack the know how or creativity to design an aquatic tank for toads!!!

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