Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

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Maryland, United States

Posted Feb 21, 2014

This was the first semi high maintenance pet, that I have even owned (fish being the only experience with animals I had beforehand).

I was able to acquire my oriental fire bellied toad from a local pet shop along with the needed habitat which included a terrarium which I would recommend be at least be two feet by one foot (ten gallon tank), a vacuum/strainer, filter, sun light, and rocks or moss to cover the inside. If you have rocks it would be easy to make the tank partially submerged, and the toad could swim around.

This animal was a perfect pet for any beginner. It had a relatively simple diet consisting or either meal worms, crickets, or truthfully any bug that it can fit in its mouth. I fed my toad crickets because they were the most economical feed on a 7 year old allowance at the time. I cleaned the tank once every few weeks, up until I could afford a filter, then perhaps once a month depending.

It is known that amphibians of multi colors can contain toxins that can harm animals and humans. The shop keeper at the pet store warned me that I should attempt to not handle the toad often, and to wash my hands after handling my toad. This was slightly disheartening as a 7 year old because all I wanted to do was play with my pet. So if you are looking for a toad that you can hold and play with, perhaps this is not the best pet for you.

The animal is beautiful however and really nice to have around. I enjoyed staring into his tank as I "did" my homework, or watched him take down the crickets on his territory. It was like looking into a slice of a whole other world, imagining the toad was in his natural habitat.

Again this is a perfect pet for a child or adult that is new to animals, to learn the responsibilities of cleaning, feeding, and maintaining a suitable habitat for a pet.

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