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My Fire-Bellied Friend


Posted Aug 16, 2012

So, a few years back my friend gives me this tank with these Fire-Bellied Toads in it. She thought I'd love them, and I did/do! The only reason I'm only technically reviewing one is because I only had two for about three days and hadn't named them yet. Frogger may or may not have abused his room mate til he passed away. I have read that they can get agressive with each other, especially if they are both males. I have also read that they prefer being in groups or pairs, but Frogger has been perfectly fine by himself for the most part since the 'incident".

I don't play with him or handle him because it's not really good for him. The mild toxins on his skin are barely even likely to give you a very mild rash, but the oils on YOUR skin can be very harmful to them. Which is why I marked them so low on the easy to handle scale. In the cases when I've been moving him to clean his tank, he doesn't really seem bothered by me picking him up. I use washed laytex gloves to minimize the oils that get on him and he usually goes in my hand willingsly at this point.

He eats crickets. we dont really breed them but we buy a bunch at the beginning of the month and keep them in a small tank with food and moisture while we feed them to him a few at a time. Crickets are cheap, and he absolutely loves hunting them in the tank.

You do have to clean the water in the tank out daily if you don't have a filter. There's a slime that will make the water seem viscous, without effecting the color, and it developes pretty fast. I'm not sure if he's producing it or what, but it's gross. lol

I guess the over all point is, if you're looking for somethign to play with and snuggle get something else. If you're looking for something that's a really beautiful amphibian that will be super fun to look at, fire bellied toads are cheap, cute, and fun. :)

I have to find some pics of the little guy to add, and will update with them soon!

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