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Rub(it) Our Unexpected Visitor


Ontario, Canada

Posted Oct 23, 2012

One summer we had a frog decide it would adopt us as its family. He just appeared one evening on our front porch, presumably intrigued by the insects flying around the outside light we always had on. He found his way to our day around the end of July and just stayed; living around our neighbors small backyard pond and spending his nights on our porch. It took a while but after many nights in a row of him hopping away to hide when we'd come out the door, he eventually came to know that we wouldn't hurt it and starting just staying right where he was when we'd head out to sit outside. Eventually even getting to the point of letting us gently stroke his back.

There was only one problem with his level of comfort. Long after the weather cooled down and the bugs diminished for the winter, Rub was still coming around to sit on our porch night after night. By the end of October he still hadn't changed his nightly habit and we began to worry that his stubborn refusal to adapt would be his demise so we did the only thing we could - we brought him in to live with us.

There were times throughout the winter when it seemed he was attempting to hibernate in his aquarium but it wouldn't last and a day or two later he'd be back to his normal little ribbetty self - which I must admit became very annoying very fast, so we ended up moving him to the basement.

We released him once spring came and I know he was back at our neighbors pond for a while but after a few weeks we didn't see him anymore, so we could only assume the worst.

Other then the crickets we had to purchase to feed him, (kind of gross), he was a pretty interesting pet to have for a while. One I hope I have the chance for my son to experience one day as well.

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