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Ohio, United States

Posted Apr 13, 2014

This is actually a Mink Frog very close to a bullfrog, but much harder to keep as they were meant to kept in ponds, streams and smaller bodies of water. We only had Mink for 5 monthes because he was actually brought from the wild. My nephews had caught him at a park and unfortunately the reason why they caught him so easily was because one of his legs was broken. I had it taken to the Vet and he explained very unlikely it will live long but we could try. So I got a large rectangular terrarium that I typically keep my fish in because it had to be large enough so that if the frog jumped it would not get out. Most of the area was sumerged in water except for a platform because this frog prefers water over land but still needs land and plants. I actually got most of the stuff like plants and platform from the pet store and it was a from a list the Vet had given. I put in crickets and earth worms and small fish for Mink to eat and he did well for the first couple months. But unfortunately, when he started healing more he started jumping it was just a draw back cause you could tell he was harming his self when he would hit the glass. I would not suggest getting this frog and try to keep most wild frogs in their habitat cause although they are interesting to look at they do not handle acclamating to our own domestic life. I kept his terrarium somewhat clean because its actually good for this frog to have some build up just no parasites. I fed him twice a day and typically earthworms and fish in the morning and crickets in the evening. He enjoyed both and I only fed him a minimum of both. They had to be living because he was a wild frog and was used to catching his food I tried a meal worm and he kind of just looked at it the whole time. They do better with live food. But again I suggest not keeping a frog you find in the wild unless you have been trained to do so. Great frog wish I could have helped him more.

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