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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Auratus might seem to be relatively simple to keep. Well, they are easy to keep- if you know what your getting into. They require minimal ventilation and high humidity. Therefore, they should be given a completely glass vivarium with an opening glass top. Lift the top every day and squirt the environment with a handheld spray bottle, using BOTTLED water, as tap water containes chemicals like chlorine, which can burn the frogs' skins, and flouride, which is toxic to them. Alternatively, you can use a fog or drip system to moisturize the frogs- but again, only fill it with bottled water. Moisturize the frogs from twice a day to once every other day, depending on how humid the surfaces look. Provide humidity at least every other day, or the frogs will die. Temperature is another problem- they're sensitive to high temperatures. Keep the viv between 70 and 80 degrees- room temperature or slightly higher. Another issue is feeding. If you don't like insects, stay away from auratus. You must feed them flightless fruit flies that must be kept and bred in special containers offered at reptile dealers. Auratus must be fed twice a week or so. One more thing, these are social animals, so be sure to buy more than one...

I started off with a pair (male and female), but the male passed away within a few months due to a bone deformity. If they look oddly shaped, don't buy them. I bought another male, but he escaped from the vivarium, never to be seen again. Secure the vivarium- frogs won't survive their escapes unless caught quickly. Finally, a little under a month ago, I bought a third male who is happy and in good health. He calls to the female and is very active.

In conclusion, if you know what you've got, and how to deal with it, then these guys are perfect little frogs.

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