Green and Black Poison Frog

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Dendrobates auratus aka green and black poison frog


Illinois, United States

Posted Sep 30, 2012

D. auratus is a beautiful dart frog that is spread throughout Nicaragua to Columbia and are typically one of the frogs indigenous people used to tip their darts with to give dart frogs their common name.

Even though some people refer to auratus as the green and black poison frog they come in a variety of colors including blue and black, kahlua and cream, super blue, black, green and bronze, spotted, and microspot blue just to name a few.

Most auratus are known to be quite reclusive however many people have very bold auratus. Generally they like a terrestrial setup with leaf litter and coconut huts with petri dishes under them for egg laying sites. They don't have a very loud call and is hard to hear even with your ear to the glass. As with most dart frogs their diet consists of fruit flies, isopods, and springtails that should be dusted with a high quality multivitamin/calcium supplement with D3 around 2-4 times a week. I prefer using reverse osmosis water but some prefer treated water. Keeping water dishes clean is very important because their environment is a perfect area for bacteria to thrive.

Courting often involves the male calling from an egg deposition site and the female will follow him and stroke his back. Generally 1 male and 1 female per tank is best although in very large tanks a couple more may be ok as long as they are closely monitored.

Auratus is a great beginner frog for those interested in keeping dart frogs and don't need any special needs. They're quite hardy and can be bold given a well planted setup and some time to acclimate to their environment.

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