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Mint Terribilis


Wisconsin, United States

Posted Dec 22, 2012

We had purchased three of the mint phase of this frog species (P. Terribilis, or the "Golden Poison Dart Frog.) We wanted them for their beauty. We had paid $120 each, plus $50 for overnight shipping from their breeder to us. We already had a nice, huge living terrarium built and numerous fruit fly cultures ready to go.

The second they arrived, we immediately opened the package. They were very well packed in an insulated box with more insulation surrounding their tiny deli cups. My number one fear was that they would be dehydrated, which is deadly to a frog. As we laid eyes on the recently morphed froglets, my mind was put at ease. They were in tip top shape and didn't seem to mind the small quarters in which they were shipped.

About an hour after we let them free in their new vivarium, they all disappeared. Assuming they were adjusting and hiding to de-stress, we let them be. The next day, two were happily bouncing about, but the third was not to be seen. We continued keeping a look out for him for the following week, but it wasn't until the middle of the second week that he made an appearance. He was slightly smaller than the others, but looked in good health.

These three grew exceptionally fast, almost reaching adulthood in a matter of months. They loved their fruit flies, but as they grew they needed larger food. We began offering them small and pinhead crickets which they also happily munched on.

We did end up selling the three to another breeder, as this species was feeling a shortage in the hobby and we were not equipped to breed them. From my understanding, they have produced some health tadpoles that have grown up into little froglets as well.

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