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The Fire Burns and Beautifully



Posted Apr 05, 2014

With newts, or reptiles in general, I always like to keep things in pairs (not necessarily in the same enclosure) and fire belly newts are no exception. I find they do better in pairs (or more) but at the same time, this is all based on your preference realistically. I personally just feel bad seeing them alone and they fall under the 2 for 10 category at my pet store so why not get 2.

The first thing I have to say, get an enclosure with a low water level and land for them to stay on, or at the very least a log or dock. I don’t want to hear any more stories about people having drowned their amphibians, because frankly it’s tiring, saddening, and sickening to hear how many people bring them back dead. Now, since you’ve chosen to take care of them properly, lets go on to whether they go in your house or not.

The first question is, do you have room for 10 gallons of tank in your house? Do you enjoy surprisingly cute little creatures that are both the laziest and most energetic animals you’ve ever owned? Do you desire to have a curious little critter that will go wild when it sees you? If you answered yes to one or more of these, then why havent you picked one up yet?

I find they are wildly different in terms of personality from newt to newt, and generally act in a manner that is a reflection of how you interact with them. So there becomes a question of what type of owner are you. Are you the kind that likes to interact with your pets regularly? Maybe you’d rather just sit and watch, (i’d go with a no handle rule, since most amphibians can be damaged by the oils in our skins) which regardless of your interaction level will leave you happy.

All in all, the only thing I can say with fire belly newts is this. There no scenario in which you lose, they are just way to adorable to pass up on.

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