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The Fantasy Horned Frog - A variation of the Pac-Man frogs.


Cumbria, United Kingdom

Posted Jul 08, 2014

These strange looking frogs are often referred to as 'Pac-Man Frogs' and it's easy to see why.  They are very rotund and have huge mouths that takes up about half of their body.  That and the fact that these guys will eat anything they can fit in to their mouths, be it insects, rodents, other amphibians or the occasional stray finger.  Believe me, these ruthless little guys will bite hard and hang on for dear life!

There frogs are not very active as they get older.  In fact, more often than not they will find a patch of territory they like, dig themselves down in to the ground and sit there all day eating anything that comes past.  Since they are quite lazy, they put on a lot of weight as they grow, giving them the rotund and sometimes flabby appearance.

These frogs can be docile and able to be handled, or they can be territorial and aggressive.  Whether you can handle your pet or not is all down to its temperament.  In my experience though, these frogs are better to observe than handle.

Your Horned frog will need a tank that is longer than it is high, lots of substrate, moss and hiding places, a heat mat and a large pool of water that is deep enough to reach just below it's eyes.  These frogs are not big swimmers, but they do need to stay hydrated and moist so they like to sit around in pools or in damp soil.  It's recommended that you mist the tank regularly with cooled boiled water in a clean spray bottle to keep the enclosure humid.

These frogs are great if you're wanting a pet that is low maintenance and interesting to observe rather than be handled regularly.

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