Dyeing Dart Frog

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 14, 2015

I've been keeping this species (Dendrobates tinctorius) for about 2 years now. I currently have 5 different localities. There are probably hundreds of different localities available, and each is not only massively different in colour, but actually has distinct personalities. Unfortunately, you absolutely cannot mix them. Even though they are the same species, they can be toxic to each other and can be territorial and aggressive, so you have to pick one locality per tank.

Most of my tinctorius are active and confident. I can actually tap the side of the tank, and have four frogs come hopping out to see if it's dinner time - they love their food. Unfortunately they prefer fruit flies, which are an absolute menace as no matter how hard I try, a couple inevitable escape. Luckily captive bred fruit fly can't actually fly - they are bred to have curled wings which keep them on the ground, but they can still climb any surface, and I find the occasional one on my desk or climbing the curtain.

Like most frogs, they're not really handleable. They require specific humidity and heat requirements and are very sensitive to chemicals, so handling them can actually harm them. I only touch mine if absolutely necessary. The males will also call - I have a tank in my bedroom, but I'm a heavy sleeper. If you're a light sleeper don't keep males around.

But although this so far sounds quite negative, I do recommend them as a pet. Keep them in a live planted setup and you've created a miniature rainforest with an absolutely amazing habitat and display. I could sit and watch mine for hours, but are definitely not a pet for handling.

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