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Common Newt

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Never knew I would love this little fellow!


United States

Posted Jun 24, 2016

When I was 13 years old I came across a vendor at a flea market selling these little critters. I paid the man the $2.50 and was soon on my way home with a little cardboard box with Isaac inside. Remember, this was long before Google was the "go to" for questions :) I went to the library and checked out the one book that mentioned caring for newts. I put him in a small aquarium with water and some smooth stones. There were some rocks that gave him some great hiding spots, but his favorite place to be was this big roundish smooth stone that he just hung out on a lot. Honestly, for a "Common Newt" I think Isaac was pretty special! He really liked when I came around (maybe it was because of food? haha!) If I took the screen off the top and put my hand in, he never hesitated to climb right onto the palm of my hand; I was able to sit at the table and let him walk along my hands. I know, as a teenager, I probably wasn't considered the ideal caregiver for my little newt, but I tried to do everything recommended for him. I made sure to keep his home clean, and I fed him tasty worms, (he loved mealworms best!) and always made sure to wash my hands before and after handling him. I also made sure to rinse all the soap off, but let my hands stay wet/moist when I handled him, since his skin was porous and had a protective mucus that helped him stay healthy. I always looked forward to greeting him each morning when I woke, and hung out with him for a while each day after school. My mom even admitted she enjoyed watching him explore his habitat. When I would clean his aquarium, I would set up the rocks slightly differently, so he wouldn't get bored with the same old thing month after month. Isaac was the first pet I had that was under my exclusive care, and it was rewarding to know I gave him a happy life!

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