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A Common Problem with the Common Newt?


United States

Posted May 14, 2016

Overall, my experience with the Common newts I owned were very positive in terms of their personality, activity level, and dietary needs. They were easy to feed and would kindly crawl on my hands when I would take them out of the tank and play with them each day after school. I especially liked how light they were. They also seemed to have a certain laid-back curiosity about them in which their heads and eyes steadily surveyed their surroundings while you handled them. They had energy, crawling on my hands fast and swimming with vitality. They were just very easy-going creatures from what I remember and I really enjoyed them for that.

However, neither my mom nor my adolescent self knew virtually anything about newts prior to walking out with my initial trio (which would be the first of my roughly two more sets of newts) from the store. I know that this was the main reason for my key problem came about with owning these amphibians.

The living environment has to be just right for Common newts. All my life I had owned more customary, easier to nurture animals like fish and dogs and cats. But, amphibians need to be kept a bit away from windows and drafts in the air as well as having 25% of their water changed in their tanks weekly. I violated all three of those principles. So unfortunately, I and my newts, paid a price for that. With each new set I'd buy, the same scenario happened. One morning I would leave out the door for school to alive, pleasant newts swimming around and lying leisurely in their tank. Then, that afternoon, coming in the door from school, I would look over at the tank to find the newts bloated and floating limply at the top.

Experiencing this at such a young age and with parents who were not too excited to touch them, I was defeated and felt bad that I hadn't researched enough to know how to properly care for my amphibian pets. So, with that last (and third) set of newts, I finally decided that I was officially done with buying them.

The decision had little to do with them and everything to do with me. While they were very kind and welcoming creatures, they also had delicate living needs that I couldn't (and probably still can't) meet.

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