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36014, Italy

Posted Oct 13, 2015

At first, when my friend ceded me my first newt because she did not have the time to look after it (a female) at all, I was pretty scared. Some years later, I bought the second one (a male) and – eventually – it has been really a strange experience.
The first time, it was almost winter and I did not know Pesce (my firs newt) was going to hibernate. I brought it home and I almost did not see it in months. When they hibernate, they almost never eat and they like to stay hidden most of the time. When the spring comes, they emerge from hibernation, so life begins.
When they are young, they really have a bubbly personality and I did not expect that, especially the first time I found Pesce on the ground at 7.00 a.m. exactly one millimetre from my slipper. It was full of dust so I think that time it visited almost the entire kitchen, falling down from the cupboard where I kept the aquarium. Growing up, it calmed itself down and it spent its day swimming, looking for food or hiding. In the aquarium shop, they told me to buy or build something for it to hide, so I bought a coconut, I boiled the shell and I put it into the water. From then, it always took advantage of it. It was shy, every time I changed the water of the aquarium it acted (it still does) martyr but then everything went back to normal. When I moved into my present home I enjoyed so much having it in my room that I decided to buy the second one, Chips.
This one was a completely different experience. It was a 4-year-old stark raving mad newt, really. It run off like the wind every time it could. I bought a net and I put it over the aquarium to make it stay in the water but he managed to escape a lot of time. The problem was I knew they liked to hide over the coconut, it was the end of autumn and they were going to hibernate as usual, so I did not want to disturb them. When I finally checked on them, I did not found Chips and I looked for it everywhere. He was on the opposite side of the house, dry and dead. I was so sad.
I always thought having an animal that lives in an aquarium would have been like considering a living creature like a decorative object, instead I loved them and I was sad when I had to give Pesce to my friend. It was a very instructive experience.

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