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My cute "Pet Rocks"


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Posted Sep 15, 2015

Pudgy, adorable, and easy going cuteness in the form of a frog! I love my Canyon Tree Frogs. Canyon Tree Frogs are my favorite pet I have ever had and I have had a lot of pets. I keep poison dart frogs, other tree frogs, and many many more pets. But the Canyon Tree Frogs have found a way to keep my heart won over. Even if you have never considered a frog as "cute," look at the pictures I have posted and tell me they are not cute.

They love being out all day and night. They camouflage well on rocks and feel invisible so they never have the urge to run and hide. They find the silliest spots to sleep and layout. It cracks me up. I had a TINY plant in their cage and one of the fatter frogs slept on it and totally squished the plant to the ground... He thought he was petite enough for it to support him ha.

They eat well (crickets are their favorite) and love bunching up and cuddling together.

The challenge of keeping them as pets is they need a large tank as they get fairly large (well for tree frogs anyways.) The tank needs water and lots of large rocks with plenty of open room for hunting crickets as they are not the most graceful and acrobatic frogs (they're clumsy.) They actually prefer fairly low humidity levels. They'll go sit in the water when they're thirsty, but they don't like the whole tank to be humid.

Super fun pet to watch. I love their shenanigans.

Fun fact: in the wild these guys hide in plain sight on rocks above standing or slow moving water. You may have hiked right pass them without knowing if you have ever hiked Zions or anywhere around the Grand Canyon area.

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