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California, United States

Posted Jan 30, 2015

After a childhood of loving frogs and amphibians, I decided I wanted one as a pet. Which sounded a lot better than it actually was; and I quickly found out a frog was not the pet for me.

First off, it was a lot of work, and pretty expensive if you really want to give them an amazing living environment in their terrarium. After buying everything needed to house my amphibian friend, I felt pretty invested money wise. I was determined this is what would make my little Darwin happy. Unfortunately it took him a while to get comfortable in his new habitat and as much as he did like it after he was accustomed to it, it was no fun for me. I couldn't help but feel that he'd be so much happier in the wild, instead of such a small little area. I thought maybe another frog would help, but it just made me feel guiltier.

As much as I love frogs, and pretty much everything about them, I love them more and prefer them in their wild environment. Captivity just isn't the same thing and I ended up feeling guilty and it not being nearly as much fun as I thought it was. I'm more of a watch them in their natural habitat than a keep them in a synthetic environment and watch them. If you love fish, to watch, then a frog is probably a good pet for you. I would consider it more an extravagant expensive pet, that needs more of your money than time. Since they have such delicate skin it's recommended that they're not handled and pet very often as it can be dangerous to them. I'm just more of a holding and feeling kind of pet owner and it's just not the same. As much as I truly adore frogs, I'd prefer to see these little amphibians in the wild.

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justin Ng

Is not a good choice to keep this species of frog because it's skin has toxic

October 27th, 2017 at 03:13 pm